BioPlanner – When landscaping meets biodiversity

We are proud to announce the releasing of our first WebApp based on 15 years experience in biodiversity management and improvement in urban and industrial areas.


Why create BioPlanner ?

The traditional organisation of outdoor (green) spaces and their management is a difficult task to plan. It raise a lot of questions at every step of their development. Which design in which location? What function in the short and long term? For whom? What maintenance?

When biodiversity awareness is added, these tasks take on a higher dimension that requires new thinking, and can become a mission impossible. Biodiversity Experts offers inventories and recommendations in monthly, yearly or unique reports. But like you, we know that the outdoor space management is a continuous task that need daily and real time support.

Through BioPlanner, we are able to solve these lock in situations related to biodiversity and we can guide you towards self-management.

What are the main functions?

Excellent question ! YOU can choose your own functions but the pre-installed functions are:


Discover a new way to manage your green spaces and facilities while helping biodiversity.


Become an actor for biodiversity. Imagine, place and take pictures of your actions.


Which biodiversity you promote ? Check the Fauna & Flora Guide of your site


Get involved! Evaluate the importance of actions by yourself


Develop your team’s cohesion with participative functions. Maybe a budding naturalist is hiding.

Is compatible with my device?


How to get BioPlanner ?

You like BioPlanner? You want a demo version? Please Contact us.

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