Research and development

Here our section about the innovation and research of our team. All reserach works explore nature-based solutions dimension and ecosystem services in relation with environmental concerns.


Maïké Dellicour

#biodiversityvalue #functionnalecology #meadows

Between the cities unfold nature and agriculture. At the border between the two, take place (semi-)natural landscapes.

When agriculture is extensive and well managed, nature can have high biological value. I am currently working on the belgian hay meadows that benefit from european concern. These areas are commonly restored and managed by local farmers.

But could the restored hay meadows provide the equivalent or better ecosystem services than traditional meadows?


Aurore Fanal

#weedtrees #seedsdispersion #anthropogenicactivities

Identifying why a tree species could be potentially invasive in temperate forests.

I am currently working on Belgian forests, colonized by some exotic trees that are potentially invasive. The understanding of their ecology and dispersal is crucial to prevent ecological issues. 

The expectation is to identify future invasive tree species of temperate forests.


Lilly Gillet

#lifeinquarries #ecosystemservices #SMARTtools

Quarries are an opportunities for biodiversity that offer to extractive activities ecosystem services when it is well-managed.

I am currently working on the developement of smart biodiversity tools to manage actions favourable to local fauna and flora that live in quarries during operations. The human pertubations punctuate the life cycle by habitats move, removal and creation.

The challenge is to create functionnal tools helping worker or site manager to recognize wild organisms and to anticipate the perturbations in order to create new pleasant habitats for them.


Vladimir Joassin

#urbanflora #greeninfrastructure #ecologicalnetwork

Characterizing the contribution of green infrastructures to the ecological network by monitoring the spontaneous colonization by plants.

I am currently working on the flora or “weeds” that colonize pavement. This flora could be found in the curb joint or in urban beautification.

The expectation of the project is to contribute to urban revegetation connected with nature network.


Lucie Rivière

#greenroof #nativespecies #ecosystemservices

Testing innovative green roofs inspired from nature-based solutions concept in our cities through green roof. CityRoof project.

I am currently working on the interaction between water-soil system with plant characteristic in order to optimize the green roof system.

The expectation of the project is the usage of recycled build materials (bricks) into new durable substrate for plants.


Harold Strammer

#greeninfrastructure #Landscaping #Landuse

Green infrastructure concept is well-studied and well-known in temperate areas. Everybody is able to list 2 or 3 functionnalities of urban (green) space. But is this approach transferable to tropical cities?

I am currently working on the land use typology of green spaces found in Africa related to ecosystem services they provide. We already observed that the urban spaces do not share the same functionnalities than those in temparate cities.

The expectation of the project is to make a cartography highlighting green infrastructure, land use and ecosystem services to identify a new applicable tropical typology.