Plan, act & care


We build together the biodiversity strategy of your company. We identify biodiversity targets based on the analysis of your processes and products. We support the construction of your biodiversity communication strategy. Internal implementation is achieved by tailored seminars and awareness-raising.

Biolandscape offers broad range of services to help your organization step by step. We build and support strategy in urban areas, in quarries or in your business.

Offers example by sector

Biodiversity and business

  • Integrating biodiversity into Environmental Management Systems
    • Evaluation of proposed development consequences
    • Solutions to promote healthy ecosystem
    • Socioeconomical and cultural value assessment of biodiversity
  • Nature in business park and activity zone
    • (Multi-)site biodiversity strategy
    • Plant palette suggestion
    • Working environment improvement
  • Awareness raising programs
    • Stakeholders involvement
    • Workshop facilitation

Urban biodiversity

  • Nature based solutions
    • Air and water quality
    • Flooding management
    • Urban heat
  • Green Building
    • Green roof and green wall
    • Living with nature
  • Green infrastructure planning
    • Ecological network
    • Nature action plan
    • Sustainable neighborhood
  • Reconnecting people with nature
    • Green space
    • Awareness-raising
    • Mobility and biodiversity

Mining and quarries

  • Biodiversity survey
    • Protected species inventory
    • Ecosystem services analysis
    • Habitat mapping
  •  Environmental impact assessment
    • Fauna-flora ecosystems
    • Impacted species investigation
  • Biodiversity strategy
    • Species-specific conservation actions
    • Adaptive management approach
    • Reclamation actions
    • Compensation and mitigation measures proposal
  • Training of the sector
    • Tailored courses
    • Theoritical and practical formations
    • Interactive communication tools
    • Guidance document
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